Paul Omond

Cinque Terre

2016 Recipient – Australia

At the age of 30, Paul was on the adventure of his lifetime. He was living abroad in Singapore and extremely active and healthy. Unfortunately that was all about to change Read more>>

Erin Goodwin

Cinque Terre

2017 Recipient – Australia

Erin is passionate about removing the stigma around stomas and sees Support Groups as one of the best avenues for new Ostomates, young and old, to receive the encouragement and support they need Read more>>

Talya Goding

2018 Recipient – Australia

Hi, my name is Talya and I am a 26 year old ostomate from Coffs Harbour who is terminal with cancer and making the most out of the cards dealt to me. Here is my ostomy surgery from 2012 to today Read more>>

William Cusack

2019 Recipient – Australia

My name is William Cusack and this is my story. I was born on the 1st of October 1989 and during my infant years I suffered from bad constipation. During that time I had to drink medicine help me go to the toilet. Read more>>

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